Commodities Roundup: Steel Plant Tragedy Fouad Egbaria -

From price movements to policy decisions

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Is It Time To Retire Procurement? Nancy Clinton -

We should look at expanding the importance of procurement in another way

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Credit Suisse Downgrades U.S. Steel Sector Despite Tariff Boon Stuart Burns -

Why did the financial services firm downgrade its outlook for the domestic steel sector?

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E-Procurement Catalog Management and Search: Introduction and Tradeshift Analysis (Part 1)  

Catch up on e-procurement catalog management and search as well as how Tradeshift fares after Coupa buys Aquiire.

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Coupa Buys Aquirre: E-Procurement Sector Now Has Few M&A Targets

Coupa's acquisitions of Simeno and Aquiire leave BuyerQuest and Vroozi as last specialists standing.

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Just Coupa It

What Coupa is gaining from it’s Aquiire acquisition.

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